Ganges Indian Restaurant

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There’s a little 3 block square near Jukjeon station in Yongin called Jukjeon Cafe Street.  It’s exactly what it’s name implies.  A street full of cafes in Jukjeon.  Mostly, it’s literal cafes, you’ve got the Yogerpresso, and Beans Bins. No Starbucks or Cafe Bene here, however.  Indie cafes, or not so well known chains line the 3 streets.  In between these warm and inviting cafes are little restaurants of all sorts. Mexican, Chicago style pizza, Thai, Italian,and countless brunch spots. Last week we discovered the new Indian place, Ganges Indian Restaurant.  



We were stoked to say the least when we saw it. I practically skipped up to the door.  An Indian restaurant I can walk to. According to my Korean co-workers it’s a chain but who cares.  It’s been long overdue for any kind of Indian place to open in Jukjeon.


Butter Chicken & Naan

The menu is pretty standard, paneer, lamb and chicken curries, samosas, lassies, naan.  We did notice on our second trip in less than a week that there’s not any beef. Not too shocking.  What I was very happy about was the prices.  Everything is priced reasonably.  We got out of there for under $30/30,00.


Chicken Tandoori Salad

We ordered a few lassies, the chicken Tandoori salad and samosas as starters, pork vindaloo and butter chicken.  Everything was as it should have been.  A good about of heat on the butter chicken, the vindaloo packed a good punch of heat right to the back of your throat.  Well, the waiter did question Bill when he ordered it. Telling him it was “many spicy”. The surprise highlight for me was the Chicken Tandoori Salad. Nothing fancy, just a simple leaf salad with amazing Tandoori chicken pieces throughout.  


We will be back.